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After you sign up, we create a user and a domain, to protect your Processes and Queues.
Once you sign up on our platform, your company domain becomes your playground/sandbox, and provide you privacy to protect your business process from being modified by any external person. along with flexibility that processes and queue be managed by more than one person.

The name for your domain is extracted from you e-mail address. For example the e-mail address will yield "" as domain, To avoid your company data/configuration being shared with a lot of people please do not use e-mail from free e-mail sites.

Please feel free to contact us for any question you may have. 720.480.3523


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Please provide information below, make sure you enter correct e-mail address, a message will be sent to that e-mail address with information to activate your account. This is also for security pusposes, to make sure no external person is trying to login to your domain.

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